I'm Cameron Ingham

About Me

I am a developer of all trades, business owner, and lover of code and cats. When I am not coding, you can find my face burried in a book, feet burried in the snow, or body burried in a warm blanket. I also enjoy spending time with close ones as they are the ones keeping me human.


Wi-Fi Connect

Wi-Fi Connect is the first app that changes the way we connect to Wi-Fi for the better. Forget sharing passwords! Let your friends connect to Wi-Fi designed for the 21st century. Wi-Fi Connect uses a lot of cool tech. The API is GraphQL based and all data is persisted on the device using a SQLite Normalized Cached. Included in the app are Push Notifications for when you get a friend request or when your friend request gets accepted. AWS S3 is used for storing profile images and are cached using NSCache.

Status for Hyperping

Status is an iOS Application to interact with the Hyperping uptime API. View all of your status pages on your iOS device with their metrics. View uptime, response time, and apdex all within Status.


With https://ismyinternet.live, you will always know that you're in the clear. If you get an error message your internet is not up, otherwise you will reach the site just fine.